Learn to Breathe Again with
Transformational Breathing

Meet Demet

My spiritual journey began with experiencing Transformational Breath® in 2012 upon losing my father unexpectedly. While I was seeking for my father’s soul, I suddenly discovered mine. The deep feeling of helplessness and sorrow lead me to question life. What is the real purpose of my life? What really makes me happy? Do I enjoy my job? I figured out we come to earth with the purpose of fulfilling ourselves by learning through life experiences whatever is missing for us (learning to be patient, forgiveness, more confident or more sharing). Transformational Breath® is where I found the answers!

I gifted myself for my 36th birthday with a private session of Transformational Breath®. This session totally changed my life.

With each breath I took, I woke up from my deep sleep to the miracles of breath.

Each session answered a different question of mine. I discovered my breathing patterns, and when I changed my breathing style, my life changed as well. I became a certified Transformational Breath® Facilitator in 2013.

I would love to introduce you to the miracles of breath; to make you realize that the cure for every problem is in ourselves, to help you experience that the world changes as we change individually and to guide while you are “rediscovering” your own power and creating your own miracles.

With the intention of our paths crossing during this wonderful journey…

With love, light and breath,

Demet Ergin Boran

Transformational Breath® Facilitator, 2013

What is Transformational Breath

Transformational Breath® is a powerful self-healing technique. We live the way we breath. Once the way we take our breath is optimal, we start living an optimal life.

We can consciously change our chemistry, outlook, and attitude by changing the depth, rhythm, and rate of our breathing.

Transformational Breath® is diaphragmatic breathing that uses “full, connected, open breath” which creates a high electromagnetic field, and transforms negative energy to positive.

Transformational Breath® consists of three levels; physical, mental-emotional, and spiritual.


Increases amount of oxygen intake and helps your organs work better.
Reduces toxins and helps you reach optimal health.
Boosts your daily energy level, you wake up happier and more energetic.
Resolves all sorts of addictions, even if you have an addiction to shopping or eating!
Reduces stress, headaches, psychosomatic illnesses, depression, anxiety and many others.


Increases self-awareness and self-esteem.
Reduces worry and anxiety.
Relieves pain of past traumas.
Increases life enjoyment and quality of life.
Relieves repetitive depressive and negative emotions.


Expands awareness and lets you fully enjoy and love all you do.
Deepens meditation and helps connect with your Higher Self.
Enables you to receive spiritual gifts and support.

To learn more about Transformational Breath® and its creator Dr. Judith Kravitz please visit www.transformationalbreath.com

Why is TB Miraculous?

I have tried many techniques before and have found TB to be the most effective, most powerful, simplest and fastest method for one to discover and change himself/herself.

Breath means life. The way you breathe is the way you live life. If you change the way you take in breaths, whatever you would like to change in your life will be transformed as well.

Each and everything have its own frequency, even feelings! For example, anger is 150 MHz whereas joy is 540 MHz. What you wish to have in your life also has a frequency and once your frequency is equal to the frequency of your wish, your desire becomes achievable. TB helps you increase your frequency and enables you to reach your wish effortlessly.

Transformational Breath® opens a new window in your consciousness, everything around you is the same, but due to changes in you, the way you perceive them changes. You start noticing the birds chirp… you start reacting to your colleagues, friends, and parents differently… calmly, peacefully. This modality, helps you get out of the circles you are in, repeating the same patterns, facing the same problems with the same people.

Transformational Breath® makes you realize that you have all the qualities you perceive in others, good or bad. If you are criticizing or admiring someone, take a moment to think and realize you have the same quality in you (even if it is just 1%). Thus, the people we encounter are all simply reflections of ourselves, and so help us discover ourselves.

Heaven is not a place; it is a consciousness level and every Transformational Breath® session gets you there step by step


How does TB Work?

During the session which lasts around 1.5 – 2 hours, you are guided by your TB facilitator while you breathe in and out through your mouth. When you inhale through your mouth, the breathing cycle uses your diaphragm.

The facilitator makes sure that your breath is ‘connected’, in other words, no pausing in between your breaths. This enables a closed circuit that is required for the transformation. To make sure you utilize this process to full extent, the facilitator uses body mapping and gently touching certain points in your body, toning-sound healing, positive intention and affirmations.

It is recommended to dress comfortably as well as not to be neither too hungry nor too full.

The system starts to work with the initial session. However, as the self-transformation is a process, for the change to be permanent, depending on your individual case (accumulated stress, traumas, negative feedback, etc.), you might decide to attend more than one session.

You can have individual sessions or you can arrange your own group of up to 3 people and make an appointment!


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