Meet Demet

My spiritual journey began with experiencing Transformational Breath® in 2012 upon losing my father unexpectedly. While I was seeking for my father’s soul, I suddenly discovered mine. The deep feeling of helplessness and sorrow lead me to question life. What is the real purpose of my life? What really makes me happy? Do I enjoy my job? I figured out we come to earth with the purpose of fulfilling ourselves by learning through life experiences whatever is missing for us (learning to be patient, forgiveness, more confident or more sharing). Transformational Breath® is where I found the answers!

I gifted myself for my 36th birthday with a private session of Transformational Breath®. This session totally changed my life.

With each breath I took, I woke up from my deep sleep to the miracles of breath.

Each session answered a different question of mine. I discovered my breathing patterns, and when I changed my breathing style, my life changed as well. I became a certified Transformational Breath® Facilitator in 2013.

I would love to introduce you to the miracles of breath; to make you realize that the cure for every problem is in ourselves, to help you experience that the world changes as we change individually and to guide while you are “rediscovering” your own power and creating your own miracles.

With the intention of our paths crossing during this wonderful journey…

With love, light and breath,

Demet Ergin Boran

Transformational Breath® Facilitator, 2013