How does TB work?

During the session which lasts around 1.5 – 2 hours, you are guided by your TB facilitator while you breathe in and out through your mouth. When you inhale through your mouth, the breathing cycle uses your diaphragm.

The facilitator makes sure that your breath is ‘connected’, in other words, no pausing in between your breaths. This enables a closed circuit that is required for the transformation. To make sure you utilize this process to full extent, the facilitator uses body mapping and gently touching certain points in your body, toning-sound healing, positive intention and affirmations.

It is recommended to dress comfortably as well as not to be neither too hungry nor too full.

The system starts to work with the initial session. However, as the self-transformation is a process, for the change to be permanent, depending on your individual case (accumulated stress, traumas, negative feedback, etc.), you might decide to attend more than one session.

You can have individual sessions or you can arrange your own group of up to 3 people and make an appointment!