Why is TB miraculous?

  • I have tried many techniques before and have found TB to be the most effective, most powerful, simplest and fastest method for one to discover and change himself/herself.
  • Breath means life. The way you breathe is the way you live life. If you change the way you take in breaths, whatever you would like to change in your life will be transformed as well.
  • Each and everything have its own frequency, even feelings! For example, anger is 150 MHz whereas joy is 540 MHz. What you wish to have in your life also has a frequency and once your frequency is equal to the frequency of your wish, your desire becomes achievable. TB helps you increase your frequency and enables you to reach your wish effortlessly.
  • Transformational Breath® opens a new window in your consciousness, everything around you is the same, but due to changes in you, the way you perceive them changes. You start noticing the birds chirp… you start reacting to your colleagues, friends, and parents differently… calmly, peacefully. This modality, helps you get out of the circles you are in, repeating the same patterns, facing the same problems with the same people.
  • Transformational Breath® makes you realize that you have all the qualities you perceive in others, good or bad. If you are criticizing or admiring someone, take a moment to think and realize you have the same quality in you (even if it is just 1%). Thus, the people we encounter are all simply reflections of ourselves, and so help us discover ourselves.
  • Heaven is not a place; it is a consciousness level and every Transformational Breath® session gets you there step by step

One Transformational Breath® session is equivalent to about two years of psychotherapy.” Dr. Henry Smith Rohrberg (American psychotherapist)